Piyo Workout… {Week 2}!

So if you couldn’t tell… I love the Beachbody program workouts!  My newest addition to my Beachbody program library has been Piyo from Chalene Johnson.  I have reviewed another one of her programs called TurboFire, and was excited to try this one!

If you have seen the previews and descriptions for it, you know it talks about how it incorporates yoga and pilates into a high intensity but low impact workout.  This excited me because I like high intensity workouts, and getting a high intensity workout while doing yoga intrigued me.

My friend and I have now been doing it for about two weeks, and I am surprised at the results I have gotten thus far.  The upper body and lower body workout on their own aren’t too intense of a workout, but paired with another day or any of the other workouts it gets intense!

I can tell I am developing muscle from the program, and even though there aren’t any high impact moves, I definitely am getting cardio benefits from the constant motion of going through the moves.

So far, I like the program (as I mostly like Chalene Johnson’s workouts), but it is a bit different from what typical Yoga is.  If you want to do this program because you think it will be like yoga, then I don’t think this workout is for you.  I do however recommend this program for anyone wanting to lose weight and tone up!

It is getting easier to do my pushups now due to how much strength you gain in these workouts!  I am able to do more in a quicker amount of time!

I will let you know how everything is going at the end of the first month!  There are still some workouts that I haven’t gotten to yet, but am excited to try (like strength intervals and drench).

If you are thinking about purchasing this program, but have questions before you do, I would love to answer them!  You can message me on my Facebook page or you can email me at fitnessfaithinspire@gmail.com!

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Want to try PiYo? Check it out here!

TurboFire Workout Review!


As you know, I absolutely love the “Beachbody” workouts.  I did a review on the Insanity program, and now I want to let you know about another amazing program they offer called TurboFire.  It offers some intense cardio but in the form of kickboxing to some fun music.  If you like Zumba, then you would enjoy TurboFire as well.

I heard great things about this program which made me start doing some research online to check it out.  I finally decided to get the program after reading the great reviews it had on Amazon.  The instructors name is Chalene Johnson, and she is very motivational in these workouts.  In each of her videos, it feels like you are actually in the class with her.  She and her class always have a smile on their faces, and you just catch the excitement of working out with them.

Besides the amazing support felt from these videos, you also get an intense cardio workout.  For a lot of people, cardio is one of the most difficult workouts to do.  With TurboFire, Chalene creates an exciting way to get your cardio in without thinking that is what you are doing.  Depending on the class you are scheduled to do that day, you could do anywhere from a 15 minute HIIT workout to a 60 minute TurboFire cardio workout.  I love the different variety of classes that are offered, and I love the feeling after one of her workouts.  I am definitely sweating at the end of the class.  If you like a challenge, then make sure to get some weighted gloves.

Another great addition to the program is her 10 minute stretch routines at the end of most of the workouts.  Sometimes workout programs neglect the “stretching” part of working out.  She makes sure you are stretching and keeping your muscles flexible to avoid injury.

The only negative that I read with these workouts, but haven’t experienced myself, is the fact that the kickboxing routines are difficult to follow.  I was a little bit nervous to get this program at first for that reason.  Once I received the program from Amazon and started on my first day, I realized that it isn’t as difficult as they make it seem.  There are two different versions for each DVD workout.  You can choose a version that “breaks down” the routines first so that you can easily follow along.  Once you are familiar with the routines, then you can choose the other choice which is to just play it straight through with the music on loud so you can’t hear Chalene talking as much throughout the workout.

I love this program, and I am so glad I have added it to my workout collection.  If you are looking for an intense cardio workout, this is definitely it!  Don’t worry if you aren’t in great shape currently.  She does a great job at showing the “low impact” versions of the moves so you can work your way up!  If you have any questions, please let me know!  I have gone through the program so I can help.

If you are like me and LOVE Amazon, then the link is below to check out this product.  You can also check out beachbody’s website to see which one is currently offering it for a cheaper price:)

TurboFire DVD Workout

What are some other great intense cardio workouts that you have found?

If you want to order from Beachbody then click here!


Jillian Michaels- 30 Day Shred!

In one of my last posts I talked about an amazing workout program (Insanity by Beachbody), but in this post I want to talk about a program for those of us who are brand new to starting this “working out” idea. The reason why I picked this program as one of my choices for you to try is because I have tried this program myself and have really enjoyed it.
I am going to share with you some pros and cons of this workout, and you can decide if you would like to try it or not from there. Some of the amazing features of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is the time commitment, the good workout you get, the value for the money, and the way Jillian challenges you throughout the workout. Jillian does a great job with keeping the time down on these workouts without skimping on giving you a good hard sweat. When I did this program in my early days of starting to work out, I always felt accomplished and challenged after my workouts. She definitely makes you sweat, and I definitely remember being sore the next day. I actually have a friend who has been trying this workout as well and has been seeing similar results. The nice part about this program is there are 3 levels in one workout DVD. You start with the beginner workout (level 1), then when you feel you can move to the next level you continue on. There are a total of 3 levels to the 30 Day Shred. This allows you to always make sure you are challenging yourself throughout the 30 days!
One of the only things I did not like about this workout was that you do the same workout video everyday until you are ready for the next level. There isn’t any variety on the days when you need to stay at your current level. For beginners though, this could be an advantage since you have an idea of what you will be doing each day. You can definitely see a difference in your body during and after the program. Remember though that when you do any fitness program to make sure you are eating well while you are working out to get the maximum advantage. Make sure you get out everything you can from all your hardwork!
I still have this program in my workout DVD collection, and when I feel like I need something different I will pop in level 3. It still is a great workout even now! Let me know if you have any questions about the program because I would love to answer them! The best place I have found this online so far is amazon.com. It might also be available in Walmart and Target stores as well, but I do not know the price points there. Remember if you are new to working out try this workout DVD. With the price, and the amount of material it provides this should be a great starting point to get you on your way to better fitness!

Click Here To View Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred:

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

Here is another Jillian Michaels workout (Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30) that I have heard good things about so far! I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my list of workouts to try:)

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Until Next Time:)

Insanity- Is it really Insane?- (Insanity Workout Review)

I am sure most of you out there that are reading this post have heard of the Insanity workout by Beachbody.com.  This is just one of the workout programs I have tried during my journey to better fitness.  The reason why I am posting about this workout program first is because this has been the best workout program I have done yet.  There are others out there that compare well to Insanity, but I have seen the biggest change to my body when doing this workout.  The insanity results are amazing!
Shawn T, the workout instructor in the video, is a great instructor.  He makes you want to keep going and really pushes you to your limits.  If you are like me and need a good sweat to feel like you have had a great workout, then I think you should try this program.  The biggest aspect I liked about the insanity workout schedule was that this workout required no weights/equipment.  All I had to do was pop in the video and get started!
If you are brand new to working out I might try another program first to get your feet wet (I will talk about these in my next post).  I wanted to tell people about this program first since it changed my life so much.  If you are the type of person why likes to dive head first, then you can always modify the moves until you feel comfortable trying them.  Just make sure you speak to your Physician before trying any new workout program.
This program not only burns calories, but you can feel the fat melting off with all your sweat.  I have never had the type of muscles I did when doing Insanity, and after I am done trying the TurboFire workout I am currently doing I am going to do Insanity for a second time.  It is a difficult program, but that is what I love about it.  You feel so much stronger when you are done, and you look stronger as well.
I would highly recommend this program to anyone.  Like I said previously, if this seems to difficult at first try something else first and then when you feel up to it buy this program.  I will be starting Insanity again in March, and will let you know when I do so that way if you need accountability I can be there for you!
I have included a link below to purchase this program off of Amazon.  You can go to the Beachbody site as well to order it, but they are about the same price as of today and I like the reliablity of Amazon.  I purchase almost all of my workout programs from their site.  If you are reading this past the date it was written though, then compare both Amazon’s price and Beachbody’s price.  Sometimes prices will change.

Here is a link to purchase the Insanity workout:

INSANITY DVD Workout – Base Kit

If you have any questions about the program before wanting to try it I would love to answer them!  If this seems too difficult for you to start with I can also recommend some great programs for beginner workouts as well.  Have a great day:)

If you want to order from the Beachbody website in order to get shakeology with it, then click here!