Why I Ditched My Scale and Never Looked Back!

I know it might seem counter productive, but I ditched my scale about halfway through my weight loss journey, and I will never look back! Here is why I decided to make this decision, and why I don’t regret doing it at all.

When I first started trying to lose weight fast, I was weighing myself a lot.  I was also working out a lot, and some of that working out was strength training.  I would get so discouraged when I got onto the scale and saw that I was gaining weight!  That was the opposite of what I wanted to be doing!  In my mind, all I wanted to do was quit because it was so much effort for no reward.  My husband was the one who had the idea to hide the scale from me so that I wasn’t on an emotional roller coaster daily, and I think this is the reason why I am where I am today.

After I ditched the scale, I resolved to workout, eat clean, and be more active to feel better in my skin.  Once I took the scale out of the picture and the “perfect” weight I wanted to achieve, my goals seemed much more attainable.  I started noticing changes in the way my clothes fit, the way I felt, and having more endurance throughout workouts.  I wasn’t relying on the scale to tell me I still needed to lose weight.  Instead, I felt so much better about myself, and in general, that feeling kept me going.  I am not saying I was always perfect in everything I did, but once I started looking at working out and eating healthy as a lifestyle, it completely changed my attitude.  I have noticed that the longer I try to live a healthier lifestyle, the better at it I get!

In the beginning of your weight loss journey (like mine), it can be very discouraging to look at the scale and see a larger number.  You work so hard only to come home, hop on the scale, and be bummed out the rest of the night.  The crazy thing is that sometimes a larger number is not a bad thing!  When we are working out, we gain muscle.  I am sure you have all heard the saying, “muscle weighs more than fat.”  It is so true!  That is why a lot of time people will actually gain before they start to lose.  Some people will quit right then and there claiming it isn’t worth it.  Nothing can be done about their weight.  The truth is that it is only the beginning!  You have to keep going to start seeing the results and that number drop.  The best feeling in the world is going into the doctors office, and being lighter and healthier than the last time you were there!

People get so caught up in the numbers, but remember that every body is different.  Just because your friend is 120 lbs doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be 120 lbs as well.  There are so many factors that play into it!  Try to focus on being healthy.  Once you get to where you want, then you can start using a scale again if you want.  Just make sure you don’t focus too much on it.  I do think that a scale could be good for those people who are having trouble losing the last 5-10 lbs or are struggling with eating clean.  It makes you aware of your goals.  Just don’t let it dictate your attitude for the whole day and ruin it.

I don’t know where you are in your weight loss journey, but if you are like me and want to quit when you see a larger number on that scale, then ditch it! Focus on creating a “healthier” body and feeling better.  Have your success be fitting better into your clothes and having the energy to get through the day!