One Step at a Time…

I feel so blessed to be able to get back into blogging:)  I took a little bit of a break when my first little one arrived since it was quite an adjustment!

For all of you moms out there… I didn’t realize how emotionally difficult this journey would be.  I was excited to become a mom and knew that it would be hard, but it is unlike anything I could have imagined!  It is a different type of love than I ever thought it would be.  It’s amazing to me how God has created this amazing adventure called parenthood!

Since I have been so wrapped up in my son the last 2 months and recovering from birth, I haven’t been working out as much as I used to!  I thought for sure I would be one of those moms who starts back the week after birth, but that wasn’t me.

One reason is my birth didn’t go the way I planned so it was a difficult recovery.  Another reason is he takes up so much time during the day that it is difficult to fit working out into the schedule!  I used to love working out in the morning, but now it is spent taking care of the little one:)

I just have to keep reminding myself (and I wanted to remind you guys as well) that life is always going to make working out and eating healthy difficult.  It doesn’t mean we just give up though.  We need to make the time for the important things in life and being healthy for our loved ones is extremely important.  We just need to take one step at a time to get us back towards our wellness goals:)

We don’t need to be a size 2 pant size or have the perfect hair, but we need to make sure we are using and challenging our bodies the way it was designed to be.

I have committed to at least 30 minutes of working out 4 times a week to start back into it.  For my life that is a very doable goal if I just schedule the time and make it happen!  To start back into a workout routine try a schedule that will be achievable for you so that you can remember the amazing “workout high” you get after it:)  It will make it easier on you!

What is your goal going to be?  Even if it is just getting out for a walk once a day please make sure to schedule it in!  It isn’t as likely to get done if we don’t take the time and actually schedule it into our planners:)

If your goal has been to get into a healthy lifestyle, but you keep getting sidetracked I can help!  Contact me!  I would love to help you with your health goals and be your accountability partner:)

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God Bless,


** This is a great book to get you back on track as well:)  It will help encourage you on all of your daily goals! **

Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda

3 Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Fall!

My favorite time of the year is fall!  Here in Ohio, the leaves change, the weather gets cooler (which means scarves and boots), and there are so many fun traditions to be a part of!

Since it is my favorite time of the year, I wanted to share three healthy ways to enjoy this fall season!

1. Going for a Run/Walk- What better way is there to enjoy the weather than to experience it yourself?  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to go for runs.  The weather is perfect out because it isn’t too cold yet, but it isn’t 90 degrees with the sun beating down on me.  It is one of my personal goals to run or walk at least 3 times per week… especially during the fall season!  A fun way to spice this up is to try out different parks around your home or try out different trails.  It is always amazing to me to see God’s beauty in so many different ways!

2. Outdoor Family Activities- Some of my favorites are apple picking, going through corn maizes, playing flag football, and raking leaves.  The best part about these activities are they get you up and moving while spending time with those you love!  There are so many healthy recipes to make with apples that I challenge you to try 3 this season!

3. Healthy Tailgating- My husband and I love football.  With football comes tailgating!!  Normal tailgating involves a lot of unhealthy foods, but there are healthier options available while still having a great time! Some healthy swaps would be using chicken and vegetable kabobs instead of burgers or hotdogs. You could make some guacamole and fresh homemade salsa to dip your chips in as well! Is your weakness potato chips? You can swap those out and make your own sweet potato chips!

I look forward to these activities each year, and I hope they will bring you some joy this season as well:)

What is your favorite healthy fall activity?


5 Minute Cardio Workout Routine!

I can’t believe it is almost October already!  Fall is such a busy time for everyone.  Since it is so hectic, I wanted to create a quick 5 minute cardio workout that you can do anywhere!

I do this workout when I know I need to get something in for the day, but just don’t have a lot of time.  It is a great if you are short on time:)  Keep this workout, and use it when you need to!

P.S. Keep a lookout next week for something new starting in the month of October!  I will give you all the details next week:)

Until then,


Full Body Workout Routine {You Can Do Anywhere!}

One of my favorite ways to workout is with using my own bodyweight.  Not only is this an effective workout, but it is also convenient when you aren’t able to access fitness equipment due to being on the road or away.  Since I know a lot of us are going on vacation this summer, I wanted to provide a quick full body workout that you can do anywhere!  No weights needed!

Not only is this a full body workout routine, but it also is a cardio workout!

fitness by faith

Directions: Start doing each of the 4 exercises 5 times. After you have gone through each one once, then increase your reps to do each exercise 6 times.  Do this until you reach 20 reps for each one! 

1. Pushups (do 5 first, then in the next round 6, and so forth)

2. Mountain Climbers (do 5 first, then in the next round 6, and so forth)

3. Burpees (do 5 first, then in the next round 6, and so forth)

4. Squat Jumps (do 5 first, then in the next round 6, and so forth)

You can add this graphic to Pinterest or print it out for a free workout guide while you are on the road!  It is great for body weight training and cardio!

How did you do?



How to Get 30 Minutes of Cardio Into Your Day!

There are so many easy ways to incorporate cardio into your daily routine!  You might not be able to block out 30 minutes in your day at once, but I wanted to give you some tips in how to get a total of 30 minutes of cardio throughout your whole day.  My sister is a great example of this, and I will share why!

One way to get your workout in is by creating an exercise jar (it can be a mason jar or even a cleaned out soup can if you don’t want to spend any money).  An exercise jar is a jar that you make.  You will use popsicle sticks and a sharpie, and on each popsicle stick, you will write one exercise.  Make sure to write a variety of exercises onto the sticks.  Some examples can be: pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plank hold, stairs, butt kicks, hammer curls, skaters, high knees, tuck jumps, crunches, bicycle crunches, etc.  There is an endless list of exercises you can put into the jar.

I would recommend that when making the jar, you decorate it with inspirational quotes or bible verses.  This will help motivate you to get your exercises in even if you aren’t in the mood to do so.

Once you have made your jar, the fun can start!  You can fit it into your schedule differently if you want, but my sister will get up and do one or two of the exercise sticks after every 1/2 hour of sitting and working at her desk.  She picks them at random and then does the exercise picked for 1 minute.  Not only does it give her cardio throughout the day, but it also helps to keep her energized and mentally awake.

If you do two of the one minute exercises, then you will have no problem squeezing in cardio throughout your day! If you work 8-5 or 9-5, then you might want to add three exercises in at each 1/2 hour interval.  This way you are getting the full 30 minutes in by the end of the day.

Another way to get 30 minutes of cardio in is splitting them into 5 minute intervals.  You can pick 6 times throughout the day to stop what you are doing, and do 5 minutes of exercises.  Again, they can be jumping jacks, etc.

Lastly, you could split them into 10 minute intervals.  You could do 10 minutes in the morning before work, 10 minutes during lunch, and 10 minutes in the evening before bed.

Do you take an elevator up to your floor at work?  Instead of taking the elevator, try taking the stairs and adding it to your cardio time each day!  You would be surprised at what these little changes will do for your overall health!

There are so many ways to squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio per day that do not require a full 30 minutes at one time.  You can work with these different scenarios to see what fits best in your lifestyle.  My sister works best taking breaks every 30 minutes to do two exercises, but some other people might prefer to do exercises 5 minutes at a time 6 times throughout the day.  The fun part is experimenting and seeing what works best!

What works best for your lifestyle?