5 Ways to Help With Stress

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One of the biggest complaints people have regarding their health is their stress level.  It is so much easier to put healthier foods into our mouths than to get rid of stress.  It is all around us, and it doesn’t seem like this fast paced world will ever quit getting busier!

This is why it is so important to learn how to manage our stress levels.  While being pregnant with our first child, I have had to sell our home, move our stuff into a storage unit, work on building our new home, get ready for our baby to come, and continue to work while my husband was coaching basketball until 8 or 9 o’clock most nights!  Unfortunately, I was under more stress than I wanted to be during pregnancy, but that is why it made it so much more important to learn how to manage my stress levels.

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Here are 5 Tips To Reducing Your Stress (I have been using all of them during this busy time!) :

1. Learn to say no!

I am a firm believer in being there for your friends and making time for the people in your life that are important.  I think it is sad when people are always too busy for friends and seem to always have an excuse why they can’t hang out or do things.  I am not saying that you become this type of friend, but in order to get through this season of stress, you will have to start saying “no” until things settle down.

During this amazingly busy period of our lives, we have had a lot of opportunities to help friends with things they had going on.  Normally my husband and I are more than willing to help in different ways, but we had to learn to say “no”.  We felt really bad about it, but we just had to remember that this is a season of our lives where it needed to happen.  You don’t have to say “no” to everything, but you really need to start limiting your commitments.  Your health is more important!

2. Be active as much as possible!

I know it seems impossible to add one more thing to  your busy days, but the more you stay active the better you will be able to handle the stress.  This doesn’t have to mean a 1 hour workout session (unless you need that).  It could just mean listening to music and dancing around the house while doing the chores or cleaning that needs done.

You could also multi-task and ask the friend who you haven’t seen for awhile to come on a walk or jog with you to catch up!

3. Eat healthier meals!

The LAST thing on your mind right now is eating healthy, but your body needs the nutrients to help balance your hormones and stress levels.  The better you eat, the better you will feel, and you will be able to get done if you feel better.

You have to fuel your body right in order to have it running efficiently and ensure that you don’t run out of fumes.

4. Take time to relax each day!

What relaxes you?  Everyone is different, but for me a nice warm bath at the end of the day helps take my mind off of the stress of that day and the days to come.  You don’t have to soak in the bath for an hour, but even if you sit for 20 minutes and relax your brain, it will do wonders for your body!

Think of the one thing that always helps you to calm down, and make sure you do it everyday!

I love this for my baths!

5. Use essential oils!

I started incorporating oils into my daily routine about half a year ago, and absolutely LOVE them!  They really do help in certain situations, and there are specific oils to help relax and keep your mind stress free.

A common relaxing oil is Lavender.  If you get your oils from Young Living (which is where I get mine), then you can also choose “Stress Away” or “Peace and Calming”.

There are many ways to use them, but my favorite way is by diffusing them while I work.  It produces a great scent throughout the room and helps me to relax and keep my mind at ease.

Please remember that not all essential oils are created equally, and many of the oils off of Amazon or other 3rd party sellers could be fake.  It is always best to get oils direct from the manufacturer in order to avoid this issue.

**If you would like more information regarding essential oils and how to order them contact me here!

I hope these helped you to learn some different ways to reduce your stress levels!  Stress wreaks havoc on your body, and even if you aren’t pregnant, you should always avoid it as much as possible.

Unfortunately, in this world we live in we don’t always have this option, so it is always nice to have some go to ways to help reduce our levels.

Go do something for yourself today!


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