Home Workout- Lower Body

Do you love home workouts? Especially after having my baby boy I have loved doing my home workouts! The bonus is that you don’t need much equipment to get started.

For this workout you will need some weights to achieve optimum results (although they aren’t necessary). If you don’t have them don’t worry! They aren’t needed to get in a good workout.

“Some of the best workouts are done using only your body weight!”

So let’s get started!

home workouts

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Five A Day Challenge

One of my favorite things about being a teacher was the impact I tried to make on my students health.  Besides teaching them math and science (which are very important as well), I always tried to incorporate ways to live a healthier life.  It still amazes me how some kids eat today. Since food is directly correlated to not only obesity but a bunch of other diseases and cancers this should be one of the first thing we are teaching our kids.

Their favorite time of the school year was when we did our 5 a Day Challenges!  This challenge is so simple that it works exactly like it sounds.  The kids were to eat 5 handfuls of fruits and vegetables everyday.  When they met their goal for the day, then they were given points to use in an auction towards the end of each grading period.  For the students it was a game, but for me it was a way to teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I liked focusing on what foods we could eat because I feel like so many times people focus on the foods that we can’t to eat.  There are so many great options of fruits and vegetables out there and so many great ways to prepare it!  I have noticed that people start feeling better when they eat more “fresh” foods.  When they start going back to processed they don’t feel as well.  You normally don’t realize how bad you feel until you cut the bad stuff out and realize how you should be feeling and functioning!

My challenge to you for the month of February is the eat 5 handfuls of fruits or vegetables everyday!  I would encourage you to eat more vegetables than fruit, but just getting in fresher foods should help you to start feeling better right away!

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Check back in at the end of the month and let me know how you did:)

My hope for you is that you get your family and friends involved!  People tend to do better when they have accountability.  This would be a great game to play with your kids as well.  Good luck!

God Bless,


5 Easy Steps to Make 2016 Great!

I can’t believe another year has already come and gone.  This past year has been one of my busiest and amazing years yet, and I am excited to see what God has in store for my family and me this year:)  Since having my little one I have had to be more intentional with my time because it seems like days just get away from me so quickly if I don’t have a plan for the day.  That is why I know if I don’t get a plan for 2016 it will get away from me faster than I know it!

Here are 5 Steps for making 2016 a great year!

  1. Pray Daily-  I am constantly being reminded about the power of prayer!  I notice a difference in my mood and demeanor when I find myself not praying as much.  Give God your worries, cares, dreams, hopes, and insecurities.  Pray about them, and I promise you that you will start to see God working in your life.  If you truly want to have a great 2016, then starting above is the first step!
  2. Make a Plan and Work the Plan-  If you have dreams and goals for the new year, how are you going to accomplish those goals without a plan?  It is so easy to get swept away in all the other things going on in your life and forget the path you would like to go.  That is why it is so important to WRITE your plan down:) List the steps that you need to take to get there.  Once you have them written down, you can start working your plan.  Write the steps down, and post them somewhere you can see them everyday.  My husband and I have a financial goal this year of how much money we want to save.  Instead of just saying it out loud and being done, we are writing down on the mirror in our bathroom so we can be reminded of it everyday.  It will help to keep us accountable.  I encourage you to do this with your goals as well:)
  3. Get Accountability-  Everyone needs someone to help hold them accountable.  If you are the only one who knows you are working on something, then it is easy to fall behind and not catch up.  No one knows you are working on it, so they cannot help you.  If you find someone to help and support you, your chances of succeeding are so much better!  They will ask you how you are doing along the way and have check in points to discuss the things that are going well and the things you need help with.  I have accountability partners for some areas of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without them.  They inspire me towards greatness and to never stop persevering!
  4. Fail Forward-  This might come as a shock to some of you, but you will FAIL along the way.  That is okay though because like John C. Maxwell says in his book, it is what you do with those failures that help define you.  He talks about a lot of well known people who have failed before they succeeded.  It takes people a lot of tries sometimes, but it only takes one time to succeed so keep trying!  What makes you a success is turning your failures into wins.  Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason.  I would highly encourage you to read this book if you haven’t already.  I read it last year, but it is already on my list of books to read again in 2016.

Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success    5. Believe in Yourself-  In order to succeed you need to know that YOU CAN DO IT!  Whatever goal you are striving for can be accomplished.  Know that it might not happen on the first try, but that doesn’t mean it never will happen.  You are made for a purpose, so keep praying, planning, talking with a person you trust and failing forward in order to succeed.  You are what you think about, so I would encourage you to think positively.  You have to believe that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals.  We make decisions each day on how to spend our lives.  I challenge you to choose each day to be positive and believe that God has big dreams for you!  So go out and start living your dreams:)

I hope this helped in giving you a great start to the new year!  Let’s make 2016 awesome!

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5 Fall Favorites -2015!

Fall is my favorite time of the year:)  My husband loves this time as well because football has started, the weather is perfect sweater weather in Ohio, it smells amazing, and it is a time to be grateful (and there are so many reasons to be grateful).  I am so excited to share this season with our son for the first time!

Here are my top 5 favorites for fall 2015!

  1. Warm Homemade Apple Sauce!

I love apples in general, but in the fall there is something about homemade warm apple sauce:)  My mom used to make this for me when I was younger, and it was always my favorite treat.  She would cut up apples into small chunks and put them in a pan.  Then, she would add just a little bit of water and warm up the apples.  As it was cooking, she would add in a tbsp of sugar.  Once it was finished she would add a dash of cinnamon to top it off! Yum:)

Now I love substituting refined sugar for stevia to make it a healthier alternative!

2. These Pink workout pants!

I live in workout gear:)  Unless I am meeting with clients.  It is one of my favorites in general, but this fall I have fallen in love with Pink’s new ultimate reversible yoga leggings!  They are very comfortable, and I have always had good luck with Pink’s workout gear not wearing out quickly:)  I liked the grey color since I already have so many black ones.

3.  Piyo

I know this isn’t specific to fall, but there is something about the weather changing into cooler weather and doing a PiYo workout!  It is a great cardio workout that incorporates yoga and pilates moves.  If you haven’t tried this workout yet I encourage you to try it!

Want to try it? Contact me for more information about how to try it and get connected with an accountability group!

4.  Pumpkin Seeds

These are so awesome to snack on during cooler weather.  With so many people carving pumpkins now is a great time to roast them:)  They are also healthy for you and have amazing health benefits.  Here is an article about the benefits!  They include immune support, prostate health, anti-inflammatory properties, heart health, and help to promote restful sleep.  These seeds are little things are packed with a punch!

Now Foods Organic Pumpkin Seeds, 12 Ounce

5.  Scarves

I always love weather changing because it means I can start wearing scarves again!  Right now I have been wearing nursing scarves because it is easy to feed my baby when I need to when we are out and about.  I will eventually get out my other ones though!

(This is the one I am currently using and I love it!)

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf, Grey Chevron

I hope you enjoy this fall weather as much as I have been.  This is the first fall we get to spend with our son, and we are both so excited!

Here’s to a great Fall 2015! There is something so peaceful and calming about wearing a sweater with a scarf while drinking a homemade pumpkin spice latte:)

What are some of your favorite things for Fall 2015?

God Bless,


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One Step at a Time…

I feel so blessed to be able to get back into blogging:)  I took a little bit of a break when my first little one arrived since it was quite an adjustment!

For all of you moms out there… I didn’t realize how emotionally difficult this journey would be.  I was excited to become a mom and knew that it would be hard, but it is unlike anything I could have imagined!  It is a different type of love than I ever thought it would be.  It’s amazing to me how God has created this amazing adventure called parenthood!

Since I have been so wrapped up in my son the last 2 months and recovering from birth, I haven’t been working out as much as I used to!  I thought for sure I would be one of those moms who starts back the week after birth, but that wasn’t me.

One reason is my birth didn’t go the way I planned so it was a difficult recovery.  Another reason is he takes up so much time during the day that it is difficult to fit working out into the schedule!  I used to love working out in the morning, but now it is spent taking care of the little one:)

I just have to keep reminding myself (and I wanted to remind you guys as well) that life is always going to make working out and eating healthy difficult.  It doesn’t mean we just give up though.  We need to make the time for the important things in life and being healthy for our loved ones is extremely important.  We just need to take one step at a time to get us back towards our wellness goals:)

We don’t need to be a size 2 pant size or have the perfect hair, but we need to make sure we are using and challenging our bodies the way it was designed to be.

I have committed to at least 30 minutes of working out 4 times a week to start back into it.  For my life that is a very doable goal if I just schedule the time and make it happen!  To start back into a workout routine try a schedule that will be achievable for you so that you can remember the amazing “workout high” you get after it:)  It will make it easier on you!

What is your goal going to be?  Even if it is just getting out for a walk once a day please make sure to schedule it in!  It isn’t as likely to get done if we don’t take the time and actually schedule it into our planners:)

If your goal has been to get into a healthy lifestyle, but you keep getting sidetracked I can help!  Contact me!  I would love to help you with your health goals and be your accountability partner:)

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** This is a great book to get you back on track as well:)  It will help encourage you on all of your daily goals! **

Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda